frequently asked question - After MCO | SOP 会员常问问题

Business Closure due to Coronavirus

Q. When can we go studio for class?

All Peace Outlet  closed from 18 March until the 17 June, 2020. We will resume our partial classes at Sutera, Molek, Gaya outlet from 18 June 2020. Please note that during this period of time you could only attend classes at registered outlet.

Q. Will my membership be extended?

Yes, all membership will be extended for 3 months. 


Q. How to calculate my membership due date? 

just log on to this link : 


Start Date - Key in your Membership due date

Add 3 Months - then calculate new date 

Then a date will appear- thats your new membership due date !


Attend class in Peace after MCO

Q. Why some of the classes are missing from Schedule?

There are some limitation when conducting a class, as we have to concern about social distancing, and have to disinfect the area at least 30 minutes after each session. Hope that you can understand us or join our live stream group to practice at home.


Q. Do we need to pay for the live stream ?

For member from Sutera/ Molek, now once you activate your unlimited membership and join for free, or you could join 1 month live stream with 10 coupons.

For those without membership, you could purchase online:


Q. How to join live stream class? 

For member from Sutera / Molek, pls join this facebook group :

Please answer all question when request to join

Q. Can i join both studio  live stream class?

Yes, you can ! However, if you are more than 60 years old, and feeling unwell, please practice at home. 

Q.  Why i need to book class before attending?

Govt require all sport and recreational field maintain 1-3 meter social distancing in the room. So that we are able to limit the no. of attendant.

Q. How can i book class? 

You could book  classes via this link and click " Book Now" ( for Molek & Sutera)

Please reserve the class 2-3 days earlier.


Q. Can i cancel the class after booked?

Yes, you could cancel the class 24 hours before the class.

RM15 of fee will be charged with no show/ no cancellation after booking has been made.50% of fee will be charged with cancellation made less than 8 hours. Cancellation can be done via our fb page (PEACE GROUP) or call 5621419


Studio SOP Required by Govt



问. 我们什么时候可以开始到教室上课?

所有分院暂停于18.03至到17.06 2020. Sutera, Molek, Gaya 分院将恢复部分课程于18.06. 在管制期间你仅能于注册的分院上课。


问. 我的配套将获得延长吗?

是的, 所有会员配套将获得3个月的延长


问. 如何计算我配套的截止日期?



Start Date - 将你的会员配套截止日期输入

Add  -加入3于月份栏里




 问. 为什么有些课程没有列在时间表里?

因为在编排课程时遇到了一些困难,我们必需考虑到政府规定的安全距离,以及每堂课后需用30分钟的时间消毒教室。 所以有些课程不能及时安排,希望你能体谅并于教室没有课程的时段居家上直播课程。


 问. 我们需要支付直播课程吗?

当会员决定启动无限卡配套时,她能直接加入直播群, 如果你是固本配套,你能用10张固本参与1个月的直播课。



可以的。 然而 如果你超过60岁,或感觉不舒服,家里有小宝宝者, 我们鼓励你在家上课。


问 为什么我需要预订课程?

因为政府有规定1-3公尺的安全社交距离, 所以我们需要知道并维持上课的人数


问 我要如何预订课程?

你可以前往: 选择你的分院 ( Suter/ Molek)

然后点击 “ Book now’ 预订课程

问. 预订课程后我能取消吗?

可以的。 你能于24小时前取消课程



你能信息我们的面子书 ( PEACE GROUP) 提供姓名取消预订,或致电 07 5621419 通知

教室 SOP 规定

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