Special Weekend Workshop With Sajeeva Yoga ,George Anthony & Amanda Ling

Venue: Peace Sutera Utama 113A Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2 Taman Sutera Utama 81300 Skudai Johor 

Session 1   Energy Freeing Movements & Sound Meditation 

11/11/2017 ( Saturday) 10.00am - 12.00pm  RM120

This workshop has a special intention to bring you into yourself through moving the energy in your body by releasing joints, doing strong breathing practices, and internal kriya purification actions. In this heightened state of energy awareness let the sounds tune you in to your self through the vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls. Certain kinds of vibrations can have an awakening effect to the deeper self and also trigger transformation and healing as well as assist meditative states. Through these practices you can help you achieve a deep meditation leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed with a clear mind. Perfect for destressing and expanding your perception to see the beauty of life.

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    Session 2   Yin & Yang balancing practice - Co taught w/ George & Amanda

    11/11/2017 ( Saturday) 01.00pm - 03.00pm  RM120

    Hatha Yoga is the science of merging opposites and learning to control energy. Similar to the meaning of Yin & Yang being completed by each other... we need opposites to develop our perception, and we work with these in the body and attitude of practice to make the best outcome from our practice for a healthy body, mind, and soul. Yang practice is expressed as determination, strength, dynamic movement, and conscious control. The Yang practice will fire you up, work your legs, core, and arms and show you what you are capable of. Yin practice is experienced as deep inner sensation and fluidity, releasing yourself into deeper relaxation with accepting what is and what can be. The Yin practice will calm and soothe you, help you to further open your body, and restore a deeper connection to yourself. Throughout the practice you will learn the deeper philosophy of how to combine Yin & Yang as a single expression in your life of effort and detachment that transforms a person to a presence of freedom.

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    Session 3  Arms Balancing Asana & Technique

    12/11/2017 ( Sunday) 10.00am - 12.00pm   RM120

    This workshop lays out the actions to engage the rotator cuff muscles and stabilize the shoulder joint, making learning and increasing strength in arm balancing poses safe and more effective. This gives you the confidence and ability to have fun learning unique special methods for achieving each of these incredible poses, some requiring great strength, others flexibility, and some just a little finesse in both. You will also learn bonus ways to develop your practice that helps many arm balance poses and finish the class with a super strengthening set that will boost and astound you with your own potential and power, while flooding your body with positive hormones.

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    Session 4  Handstand Mastering Session

    12/11/2017 ( Sunday) 01.00pm - 03.00pm   RM120

    Handstand may seem almost impossible for some but this workshop will show anyone that with good technique it is closer than you think! This is one of George's most famous workshop topics because of how much progress people make in a short time on their handstand skill. The series of core strengthening moves, shoulder opening and stabilizing, as well as methods of entering handstand are very intuitive and add together so that by the time we start doing handstands it's already easier than you felt before! The workshop gives sweet love at the end with deep shoulder stretches and relaxation

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