Therapy | 8 Sessions of Pelvic Adjustment
Therapy | 8 Sessions of Pelvic Adjustment
Therapy | 8 Sessions of Pelvic Adjustment
Therapy | 8 Sessions of Pelvic Adjustment
Therapy | 8 Sessions of Pelvic Adjustment
Therapy | 8 Sessions of Pelvic Adjustment
Therapy | 8 Sessions of Pelvic Adjustment
Therapy | 8 Sessions of Pelvic Adjustment

Therapy | 8 Sessions of Pelvic Adjustment

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Pelvic Adjustment

1. Free Pelvic assessment for peace member

2. Understanding of pelvic tilt related postural and health issue

3. To ease back pain & lower back pain

4. To improve pelvic tilt and pelvic pain

5. To help increasing of body metabolism

6. To ease menstrual pain and menstrual disorder

7. To help tighten muscle after delivery


Pelvic Adjustment Q & A

[ What is pelvic tilt? ]

A:  Pelvic tilt is the orientation of the pelvis in respect to the thigh bones and the rest of the body. The pelvis can tilt towards the front, back, or either side of the body. Anterior pelvic tilt and posterior pelvic tilt are very common abnormalities in regard to the orientation of the pelvis.


[Why Pelvic Adjustment are needed to be carry out]

Our pelvis is made of many bones that are fused together. There is a group of bone on the left side and a group on the right side. These two groups of bones come together in the middle and are joined together in the very front by a cartilage. If your pelvis is out of alignment then the entire foundation that your pelvic floor muscles, nerves and ligaments are lying on, is off. There may be serious pain in the pelvis when it is misaligned.Therefore, our therapies & specific exercises which would aid you realign your pelvis.

[Types of Pelvic tilt]

  • Anterior Pelvic tilt: The front of the pelvic drops in the relationship to the back of the pelvis.
  • Posterior Pelvic tilt: The front of the pelvis rises and the back of the pelvis drops.
  • Lateral Pelvic tilt: Pelvic tilting toward either right or left and is associated with scoliosis or people who have legs of different length.

 [What causes Pelvic tilt?]

A: The changing shape of the spine ,and the associated muscle imbalance ,are often caused by prolonged periods of sitting. A lack of stretching or strengthening exercises and poor posture all contribute to pelvic tilt.

 [Symptoms of Pelvic tilt]

A:Pelvic tilt generally causes malalignment of the sacroiliac joint and the lumbar spine hence symptoms will be experienced by the individual related to those conditions. A wear and tear of the lumbar and sacroiliac joints may cause pain and difficulty with motion and ambulation . There will be severe low back pain. The individual will also experience pain in the hip region.

 [ How many sessions needed?]

A: For those 30 years and below, normally 6-10 times/treatment, for those 30 years and above, 10-20 times/treatment might be applied.

The statement above is for reference purpose only as everybody’s condition is different. Patients are still needed to consult a doctor to know a specific amount of session

Each session is approximately 90 minutes.

 [Are full grown adults suitable for Pelvic adjustment?]

A:  Yes,pelvic adjustment are suitable for all ages. Most cases for Pelvic tilt are caused by poor habits and only a few amount of people are cause by congenital disease.

[Book an appointment for Pelvic adjustment ]

Please call 07 5621419 for appointment

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