22 Jul | Yoga with sound

Yoga with Sound uses the vibrations of singing bowls, vocals and other instruments to help participants feel relaxed, balanced and refreshed, enhancing their holistic well-being. Sound vibration is able to restore the body’s natural resonance frequency while yoga poses stretch and release tensions from the body. Combing yoga with the healing properties of sound facilitates the body-mind-spirit balance. Bodily functions can be improved through strengthening the health of the central nervous system and the endocrine system, and improving blood circulation. Yoga with Sound also helps to relieve stress and anxiety, offer deep relaxation, relieve physical and emotional pain, sharpen the senses, increase mental alertness and increase mental and emotional resilience.

音疗瑜伽(Yoga with Sound)是一种媒介,利用颂钵、人声与其他乐器的振频,让每个练习者达到身体,心灵,精神与情绪的全方面的健康与和谐。音疗平衡人体细胞的振波,瑜伽体式舒展因长期姿势错误而积累的人体负担与包袱。透过有形与无形的结合疗愈,引导与调和人体自然运作的振动,平衡频率波动达至身心灵的和谐。改善中枢神经系统健康和内分泌系统健康,促进血液循环,纾解压力与焦虑,深层放松,释放身心灵的疼痛,还原感官敏锐度,清晰脑细胞思绪,提升情绪应对能力。


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