Fat Loss Program Package
Fat Loss Program Package
Fat Loss Program Package

Fat Loss Program Package

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Effectively help you reduce body fat by using scientific fat reduction methods, fat loss physical exercise, and Chinese medicine. Suitable for those having body fat 28 % or more


  1. Body Constitution
    -The participant will need to do body assessment including body weight, body fat, muscle percentage, visceral fat to understand the body's fat distribution and obesity level.
    -Our physician will conduct TCM consultation to understand the participant's overall body constitution and the main causes of obesity.
    -Chinese herbs powder will be given to participant for 30 days to help to balance the body
    2. Diet Plan
    -The participant will get a 30days custom made diet plan.
    -There are 3 phases for fat loss diet plan, it includes phase 1 is body detoxification, phase 2 Restarting the body and phase 3 Stabilization of body
    -This diet plan will be adjusted according to the participants' body fat rate, rest metabolic rate, and body constitution.
    • Fat Loss Workout
    -Participants were given a 30-day fat reduction exercise plan, which was designed to suit the current body condition to avoid injury and increase metabolism.
    Purchase Terms & Conditions:

    *This program must be reserved 10 days in advance;

    * For body assessment please call 07 5621419 or pm us at FB: Peace Group to arrange an appointment

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