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Dearest Peace friends, family, and members

PEACE is such a place, an environment that nurtures their dedication, inspires their development, and shares their values and commitment to serve. 

It has always been our goal to go beyond the simple model that exists for yoga and gyms by providing students in Johor Bahru with a dedicated cultural center to learn and enjoy yoga and functional exercise.

This is also why we are committed to educating students in the many aspects of yoga that go beyond asana: pranayama, meditation, chanting, wellness, nutrition, and rehabilitation. It is also why we have the most rigorous standards, of any studio, for selecting, educating and evaluating teachers. 

Teachers selflessly offer their knowledge, understanding, and commitment. In return, students open themselves to learning. It is under the guidance of dedicated and inspired teachers that students can truly learn, overcome, surrender and practice. This is how our whole community evolves. 

The importance PEACE places on teaching is reflected in breath of our teachers’ backgrounds, quality and diversity of class offerings and the scope of workshops, immersions and teacher training developed around our community’s needs and interests. 

As we enter our twelve year of serving the growing yoga community in Johor Bahru, I hope you will take time to reflect on the tremendous awakening that has occurred within our own studio. I am honored, and continuously touched, by the gratitude and grace of our beautiful students and believe that PEACE will continue to guide our students on their yogic journeys. This would not be possible without our students support and loyalty, and the belief that by nurturing one another, we have created an unprecedented studio environment for learning yoga.

With joy, light and gratitude,
Message from Peace

Why member love peace?

  • We do small things with love
  • We create peace and harmony
  • We create a healthy lifestyle
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