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Member Benefits & Privileges:
Free Health Screening      
Option 1 :Body Fat Analysis 
Option 2: Spine Assessment ( Sutera & Molek Only)   
Option 3: Body Constitution Analysis (Sutera Only)   
PEACE Member Loyalty Points
  • With purchase of Loyalty card, upon payment and for every Ringgit spent, you will be entitled to one (1) point, which can be used to redeem exciting gifts.
  • Freezing / Suspending Holds:With the purchase of more than six months & above of PEACE Unlimited Membership Card are able to freeze your membership when you go on vacation, injury or want to postpone a request. Please be sure to fill up and submit the Freezing Membership Application Form, the maximum freeze a hold period will be ONE month and ONCE of  each Membership Card.
  • Shared membership among branches
  • Once you have purchase membership from any branch, you are allowed to join all Group classes at Sutera Utama-Kulai-Molek-Gaya. ( Signature classes can only join at registered branch)
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