Pilates is a physical fitness system through a series of controlled movements performed on the floor, the practitioner is able to deepen her awareness of her individual muscles. Along with developing effective breathing pattern to activate the usage of correct muscles to create steadiness and ease in each movement, Pilates aims to increase our control of the body with out mind.

In this class, we’ll learn how to breathe effectively and through which to be aware how to precisely move a particular muscle. We’ll also learn the natural and comfortable alignment for the pelvis, chest, shoulder blades, neck and head, as well as learning how to use minimum effort to create maximum result in an exercise movement. Through these techniques, we’ll methodically gain back the control of our body.

This class is suitable for students of all levels. Pilates is known for it rehabilitative benefits. Most of the exercises are done on the floor, without creating any impact on the knees. It is even suitable for those who have had injuries to their limbs or are currently experiencing discomfort.





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