Aerial Yoga - Basic

75 Minutes  Relaxed & Therapy 

 It is a practice that combines the fundamental practice of aerial postures . This classes take traditional yoga poses and incorporate the aid and support of the aerial hammock to allow greater stability and ease throughout your practice.


Aerial Yoga - Therapeutic

75 Minutes  Relaxed & Therapy 

This is our gentle and therapeutic version of aerial yoga. The extra support of a hammock allow the body to completely soften, surrender and invert effortlessly. Like classical restorative yoga, this class balances the elements of a slow-paced flow, breathing, and powerful guided visualization enhancing awareness of the internal sensations present in the body. 

Aeriel Yoga - Flow 

75 Minutes  Dynamic & Therapy 

This class using the hammock as a prop, students will have access to their own “personal assistant” offering deeper stretching in your warriors, support in your backbends and added balance in standing poses like half-moon or dancer. This class is ideal for vinyasa students who are looking to deepen their mat practice through exploration of familiar poses with the aid of a fun prop as well as for students who want to begin to become more comfortable in the aerial silk.


Aeriel Yoga - Yin & Yang

75 Minutes  Dynamic & Therapy 

This class combines a strong, heating, 'Yang' vinyasa flow at the first half of class with the support of hammock. Then the second half of the class followed with the quiet, cooling 'Yin' aspects of relaxing restorative poses. Yin postures are held longer to cultivate a meditative mindset and deeper physical opening.

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