60 Minutes  Relaxed & Therapy 

This class is specifically designed to reach the emotional/mental layer of our being through working with poses, breath and meditative and mindfulness practices. We’ll learn to develop compassionate equanimity in order to set a foundation for a balanced nervous system. From that basis of calmness, we can start to cultivate our awareness and deepen the practice further into the intellectual/wisdom body.

Each class will have both active, dynamic and passive, meditative components. Students should come to class with the intention of going deeper beyond the physical level of our being. This is not a class where we get satisfaction out of learning new fancy poses. It is a class where we will work with both simple and challenging poses to get more into our body and our inner selves. It is a perfect class for those who are ready to make sustainable transformation beyond the mat and want to take that first step towards mental and spiritual wellness


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